June 9, 2017

Lumi | The river – animated movie

4th – 9th June In the framework of the project ‘Pollution of Drini River basin from Urban Waste’ cross border CRESSIDA project in between (AL) (KS) […]
May 28, 2017

Right to the City 8

28th May 8th Forum, Skopje Guest Speaker: Ms. Artan Sadiku Theorist and activist Topic: Struggles of Skopje: Solidarity and modernism against the ethno-baroque Artan Sadiku is […]
May 25, 2017

Informative meeting

Informative meeting with the elementary school “Reshit Hysaj” Zogaj, Municipality of Shkodra which is located at the Shkodra Lake, part of Ramsar Convention and Managed Nature […]
May 24, 2017

European Day of Parks

24th May European Day of Parks was celebrated with an outdoor activity organized by GO2 and NGO part of the Eco Nord Forum on the banks […]