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September 17, 2016
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September 18, 2016
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Working with the children

The first session of the third day of the European Mobility Week was moved to the Polyvalent Centre Kiras.
Presentation of the working group with the staff, children and parents of the center began at 10:00 am and
continued with planned activities until 13:00 am.
Workshops and game activities done during the meeting followed the same approach of non-formal education,
in conformity with the topics of EMW.
Among the games developed with children of this center can be mentioned:

  1. ‘Jumbo –Dwarf’ – Animator creates the group of 20 of participants
  2. The game ‘Twister’ was organized under the official rules with 3 players.
  3. ‘Bowling’ – Animator used 10 recycled bottles covered with colorful sheets, among the 10 are: 3 red, 3 yellow and 4 green images to convey the students the image of semaphore.
  4. Face painting and Horizontal Street Art.

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