Urban Identity – Abandoned Train Station

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September 18, 2016
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September 19, 2016
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Urban Identity – Abandoned Train Station

The second session of the third day was moved in the train station, wanted to bring in focus the railway transport as
a key element of public transport during the communist era, and also an important transport of Sustainable Mobility. ‘Urban Identity’ was the motto chosen for this day. The session opened with a musical trio from Mr. Qamil Gjyrezi, Mr. Myrteza Dibra and Mr. Rezart Çaçani. This Trio Band was chosen because they tried to give attention to
the train station and rail transport in recent years with their performances.

Musical atmosphere was followed by a lecture on the history of the construction of train stations in Albania, by Dr. Gjergji Islami, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Polytechnic University of Tirana. About the train station in Shkodra, Mr. Islami highlighted the massive degradation of railway transport as a service, but architecturally expressed optimism for the good condition of the building compared to other cities.


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