Four parallel workshops in four schools
September 19, 2016
Four parallel worshkops in four schools
September 20, 2016
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Open air cinema

Activities for the second part of the day moved to the neighborhood ‘Xhabije’, Shkodra. Despite unfavorable weather conditions, the games and the film screening began at 18:00 pm, as planned. Thanks to the good will and maximum involvement of children in the neighborhood, the meeting was quite dynamic.

To make children perceive the essence of European Mobility Week, initially were developed games with respective messages and lessons. More specifically, the game ‘Do not rush’, the traditional game ‘Jumbo –Dwarf’ customized with signs with colors for the regulation of mobility, face painting for alternative mode of movement, horizontal street art with chalk from children, recycled bottles for ‘bowling’, and many random improvisations.

The fourth day was closed with film screenings on urban mobility in an outdoor cinema, projected onto facades of buildings in a neighborhood.

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