Launching the campaign Let’s clean-up Drini River that join us in Kukes
October 3, 2016
3 days cleanup campaign in Gjakova
October 11, 2016
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9 days cleanup campaign in Kukes

3rd -11th October

– To coordinate the campaign and preparing the stakeholders and the participants (materials, people, the scenario how to start by polluting)

-To observe the clean up territory from the marshes till up to the Canyon ‘Let’s clean Drini River that joins US in Kukes’

On 3rd October 2016 was the start of 9 days campaign in Kukes ‘Let’s clean Drini River which join us in Kukes’ from Përroi të Shejës, to the canion, to the point of the meeting with Drini i Zi and to be continued till to the slough. The open ceremony was done at the bridge near the entrance of Bushati village part of the administrative unit Bicaj, Kukes. In the open ceremony were present representative of Cressida Project, representative of Kukes Municipalities, the Head of Administrative Unit Bicaj, the Director of the regional Albanian Protected, the headman of Bushati village, representative of civil society in Kukes, inhabitants of Bushati village, pupils of Bushat school. Representatives from civil society in Kukes were like DMO Kukes, Ekologet, Alpinistet, and Youth Centre for voluntarism progress etc.

Kukes was chosen to start the campaign, because it is the city where White Drin and Black Drin join together and where urban wastes are joined being thrown by the residents along two lakes.

During this week, we organised several with the inhabitants, debate, discussion in their territory, about the pollution, the waste etc. They said that is very important not only the municipality to take care about the waste, and the pollution but also the habitants should take care about their territory and community. There were around 200 participants that joint to the campaign and 2000 trash bags gathered during the cleaning up campaign.–377912.html

Pastrimi i Drinit, aksion me nxënësit për heqjen e mbeturinave

“Të pastrojmë Drinin që na bashkon në Kukës”


Nis fushata 1-javore “Ta pastrojmë Drinin që na bashkon në Kukës”


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