3 days cleanup campaign in Gjakova
October 11, 2016
1 day cleanup campaign in Diber
October 11, 2016
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1 day cleanup campaign in Istog

– To clean up the Istog River next to the bridge out of Istog town
– To involve all the stakeholders (inhabitants and NGOs, municipality

‘Let’s clean Drini River that joins US in Istog’

It was held simultaneously the cleaning campaign in ISTOG and Diber. Istog cleaning action was near Istog River. The campaign was supported by Istog municipality through the Service Sector. The cleaning action was held at the bridge in the village of Zac which it means 17 km away from the source. The actors who participated in the cleaning action were the head of the environment department, Mrs. Elfete Blakaj, ten young activists, as well as participants from Environment NGO. Sector of Services offered the service for garbage trucks. In addition to this action, were planted in the ground tables with slogans on environmental protection and water, as a rare asset of our territory. There were around 20 participants that joined to this event.

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