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Workshop on Protected Areas

3rd -7th May 2017

One week workshop on the Protected Areas of Shkodra Region realised with 20 students from the University of Shkodra (Economic, Tourism, Biology, Social Work, Psychology, Geography etc faculty) at Rozafa Castle. It was chosen Rozafa Castle as it is very important for its natural and cultural values that it has.
The agenda was a combination of the topics on the cultural heritage and Protected Areas. There were invited experts and trainers giving lessons on how to write a project proposal, so their ideas and their needs to convert to real projects.

Trainers were Mr. Helidon Sokoli (Archaeologist, Regional Directory of National Cultural Shkoder, DRKK), Mrs. Eltjana Shkreli (Urban Planner), Mrs. Oresta Saliaj (Environmental Biologist from Protection and Preservation of Natural Environment in Albania NGO) and Mr. Edvin Pacara (Environmental Expert).
Students had the possibility to do bird-watching near of Shkodra Lake.
During the training, the group of students did brinstorming for themes related to the PA and worked in groups to drafting projects to apply for funds and to be as start-up.
It was organized also a field trip along Shkoder Lake and Buna river, including seacost, to see closer the different environmental-friendly initiatives, problematic, and their values in the region.
At the end of the workshop all the participants got a Certification for being Active Participant.
It is very important to work with the young people, because they need to learn early in the age about the environment where they live. We believe in their future strength, in their human potential in conservation and good management of those areas –they will introduce a good example to their parents, their teachers, their peers and they will react against the unfair decision which will make efforts to damage their protected area.


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