Lumi | The river – animated movie

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May 28, 2017
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Lumi | The river – animated movie

4th – 9th June

In the framework of the project ‘Pollution of Drini River basin from Urban Waste’ cross border CRESSIDA project in between (AL) (KS) was realized the Animated Movie “River”.
The animated movie was realised to raise awareness of the community for the protection of the rivers and their natural values. The film has a simple plot, children who are playing near to the river, doing sunbath, swimming until the river bank start being dumped by hazardous waste. These causes an over flow of the river, causing floods and damaging the buildings. However, the movie has a positive end, because turning to the previous state, nature smiles to the children, inviting them to play with the water.
The movie was realised in one week, where 16 children from 8-14 years old were involved in making the movie. The workshop was done at GO2 office. The children were supervised by three filmmaker, one psychologist, and two assistants. The plot of the movie was done by the children. They were involved each phase of the filmmaking as scenarios, directors, video editors, cameraman etc. In order to reflect this one-week work of children throughout all stages of work, along with the movie “River”, a “backstage” film was also worked. This backstage movie, entitled “Making OF”, was displayed at the Millennium Cinema in Shkodra, during the premiere of the movie “The River”.

First Day
The first day was an introduction and presentation with animated film, introduction with the theme and methodology of the work, as well with the phases of the film making. Mr. Artan Maku presented some cartoon movies to make more concrete the work to be done from the children. There were also the creation of the team work as ; scenarios team, decoration team, characters team etc and it was begun with the immediate work
Second Day
The second day was focused on film-making and the realization of the movie characters. The scenarios team presented the scenario, the development and the sequence of events determining the number of the characters and objects that were part of the film.
Third Day
On the third day, children were involved in the construction of movie decorations, and plasticized the characters and objects of the movie drown by them. The plasticized work stimulated children’s creativity and was very attractive and funny at the same time.
Forth Day continued with the ending of the plasticine and movie decorations. In the second part of the day, children were involved in the filming and editing process, which they experienced a great enthusiasm as being a first experience.
Fifth Day was dedicated to conclude the film registration and of the montage. The children were actively involved in the whole project of film making “The River”, being screen players, directors, shooters and editors. The film will compete at the Animated Film Festival.
The premiere of this film was shown on the 9th of June 2017 at the Millennium Cinema Shkodra. The movie got the attention and the interest of the parents, teachers, students, friends, family and community of Shkodra who honored us with their participation by filling the cinema seats. In the activity, after the welcome speech, Mr Mihallaq Qirjo from REC Albania honored us, bringing to the children the symbol of Drini as the biggest river in Albania and how we should be careful to protect it from pollution and urban waste. Mr. Jose Zambrana (EPA), thanked the children for the message that they brought. Also Mr. Lek Kadeli, World Bank representative shared his emotions with children, parents and all those present at the cinema. The activity continued with the distribution of the certificates for the children that were part of the workshop in the film making. The event ended with the screening of the movie “The River”, which received many applauses, congratulations, and request to do another activity like this.


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