GO2 Social Enterprise

          Since May 2014, GO2 has established a social enterprise focused in tourism sector which aims to create cycling tours packages in Shkoder region. As there is a lack of such a tourist product (cycling tours) in this area rich in cultural&natural heritage, it will produce competitive tourist supplies based in high European standards.

          They will be included at European network of cycling routes, in EuroVelo 8, the Mediterranean corridor (www.eurovelo.com), where GO2 is representative of Albania, as a national coordinator. Inasmuch as Shkoder has a cycling culture movement, creating cycling tour packages around Shkoder region provides a model for other areas all around Albania, such as: Vlora and Korca. Till now we get exploring different routes not far away than 30-50km from Shkoder.

          The incomes generated either by social enterprise or by different funds are serving to generate income for local inhabitants in this undeveloped area; to increase local capacities (mainly in rural areas) as for ex: local guides or incitement in domestic investment from the businesses (such as bars, restaurants, accomodations, services) or the farmers; to raise the awareness of the inhabitants and mostly of the domestic tourists related to the value of nature and tangible/intangible culture that Shkoder surrounding areas contains; to understand ‘bicycle’ not only as a mean of transportation in everyday life, but also as one of the best adventure tourism and social cohesion.