Sustainable Urban Planning Organization
GO2 is a Non-Governmental Organization, established in 2012.


Better quality of Life for our communities.


GO2 contributes in built and natural environment through models of land uses. Urban Planning. Sustainable transport. Sustainable Tourism.


• ‘Game for City’ revitalisation of public Space in Vau Dejës Municipality. Supported by US Embassy, Tirana
• Architecture Consultancy on ‘Design Code - Theth’, like a protected area – National Park. Financed by GIZ
• Tourism Consultancy, ‘EcoTourism destination – Feasibility Study’ Albanian – American Development Fund and High Institution on Territorial Systems and Innovation, Torino, Italy
• ‘Right to the City’ open forums in 8 Balkans Cities (Shkodra, Belgrade, Kotor, Shkup, Mitrovica, Prishtina, Tirana and Prizren)
• TEUTA – Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Shkoder (SUMP) supported by EU funds and coordinated by Rec Albania, and to adapt the EU Legislation on air quality directive at Albanian Legislation. Leader applicant
• “VIJA” Environmental Newspaper for Protected Area in Albania
• ‘Shkodra, my family, my bike, my story’ Photo album with bicycles before ‘90s
• Tourism Consultancy on Riviera Plan ‘Integrated Sustainable Development of the Southern Coastal Region’ implemented from GIZ Albania and Ministry of Urban Development
• ‘Uje & Gure’ tourist product on cycling in Shkoder region. Winner of ‘RISI Turistike 2015’ Award, funded by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation
• ‘4 Open Forums on Totalitarianism Period’ Shkoder initiated and supported by GO2
• ‘Castle to Castle’, tourist product on cycling in Shkoder region. Winner in “Green Ideas” National and Balkans Competition, funded by Rock Feller Brothers Foundation in collaboration with Partners Albania
• ‘EuroVelo8’ tourist product on cycling, funded by European Commission and implemented by 13 partners from Mediterranean countries


• ‘Shkodra, my family, my home, my story’ photo exhibiton of Shkodra houses before ‘90s
• ‘Traditional Architecture - KULLA’ exhibition on ‘Design Code - Theth’. Financed by GIZ
• Animated movie ‘The River’ as workshop of visible image in movement
• ‘Shkodra, my family, my bike, my story’ photo exhibiton with bicycles before ‘90s
• European Mobility Week 7-day Campaign in Shkoder, 16-22 Sept 2016
• First/Second Informative Conference ‘Sustainable Tourism in Shkoder County’ 2016/2017
• Earth Day 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
• Founder of Critical Mass Shkoder

*) GO2 - go for Albania on 2 feet and 2 wheels