#GO2Innovation Incubator

#GO2Innovation is an Innovation Centre for Tourism and Agribusiness in Shkodra Region. It provides technical assistance services to tourism and agribusiness enterprises. The purpose of #GO2Innovation is to encourage innovation, growth and competitiveness of enterprises in this region.

#GO2Innovation Centre is a polycentric partnership venture run by the Organization for Sustainable Urban Planning GO2 in cooperation with the Vocational School "Hamdi Bushati" and the Municipality of Vau Dejes. This partnership operates as a polycentric enterprise with 3 centers:

  • GO2 NGO
  • “Hamdi Bushati” School
  • Municipality of Vau Dejës
European Union
Sustainable Tourism
Tourism, Agribusiness

At the disposal of #GO2Innovation, the above institutions have engaged human resources, as well as made available facilities with professional infrastructure and technology to provide enterprises:

  • co-working space
  • networking and education
  • consultancy and training
  • marketing and certification

The purpose of establishing #GO2Innovation, as an innovation centre in the service of growth and development of new businesses in tourism and agribusiness in Shkoder Region, is in line with the mission of the GO2 Organization for a better quality of life for the communities.

#GO2Innovation is supported by the European Union-funded EU for Innovation program through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Services offered by #GO2Innovation

As an Innovation Centre for Tourism and Agribusiness in Shkoder Region, #GO2Innovation provides services for tourism and agribusiness enterprises. The goal is that even beyond this 1-year project, #GO2Innovation will provide technical assistance 10-12 tourism and agribusiness enterprises in Shkoder Region. 

In the meantime, 30 other enterprises will indirectly benefit from the services provided by #GO2Innovation. The main services offered through the three #GO2Innovation centres are:


Networking and space for businesses

10-12 businesses selected through a competition will benefit marketing or certification, supervision and guidance from experts and consultants.

10-12 businesses will benefit from technology and innovation consulting.


Workshops and trainings

In the spaces of # GO2Innovation will be organized several workshops with experts in relevant fields.

  • 7-day workshop on start-ups
  • 6-day workshop on textiles
  • 6-day workshop on creative works of art
  • 7-day marketing workshop

30 businesses will benefit from legal and financial training, on technology and innovation, inspirational meetings on entrepreneurship.


Fair and conference

Selected businesses, but also other ventures will be active participants in an innovative fair, as well as the annual conference on tourism and agritourism in Shkodra Region.


Family tour

A tour with journalists and travel agencies will be organized to promote the businesses involved in the # GO2Innovation network. They will be closely acquainted with the daily work and progress of these ventures, to highlight the achievements of the project.



The final goal of the project is the certification of at least 1 business or 2-3 products with a service or product certificate, according to national or international standards in the field of tourism and agribusiness.


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