Shkodra, my home

AA mayor change in lifestyle is shifting in a period of no more than a quarter of a century if we compare it before the ’90s to nowadays. This socio-economic change has also considerably reflected the building’s transformations in terms of shape and function. Given the reasons of preserving the memories, which unfortunately are disappearing, a photo contest was launched in relation to the Shkodra’s building before the 1990s.

December 2017 - April 2018

This is a competition about the photos of buildings and not about the families or the buildings separately. It was announced on December 2017, and 165 photos from 37 competitors were collected. The photos were selected by a jury composed of 5 members: Prof. Dr. Përparim Kabo (philosopher, anthropologist), Ms. Lumturi Blloshmi (painter), Mr. Zef Çuni (architect), Mr. Shpend Bengu (visual artist) and Mr. Kreshnik Merxhani (architect restorer). About 40 photos were selected for the album based on the criterias: photography aging, photography history and aesthetic realization of photography. The album is divided into three chapters according to the themes: family, home, story.

Each picture is included in the relevant chapter depending on the oral narrative of the owners. This the stories of the chapter ‘Family’ focuses on family joys and sorrows, the stories about ‘Home’ chapter are related mainly to the architecture and the physical shape of the building, meanwhile the stories of the chapter ‘History’ have concentrated on the other functions of the dwelling. It has been an institution where events with protagonists of public life personalities at local and national level were held.

Whereas the order of the photos is ascending, from oldest to newest. The information related to the photos is brought by the contestants and the authenticity of this information remains the responsibility of the owners.

Photo Album

Shkodra, my family, my home, my story

Shkodran dwelling before 1990
Published by GO2 organization
Editor: Eltjana Shkreli
ISBN: 978-9928-4461-2-1

Shkoder, 2018

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